The Nordic Style: light, wood, elegance and respect for the environment

A quite noticeable trend in recent seasons concerns the Nordic style, which is increasingly appreciated and interpreted by many interior designers.

However, don’t be fooled by appearances: the Nordic design is highly complex, precisely because it is generally disguised in items of great simplicity, which has made it popular and widely present in our homes, giving a touch of comfort blended with elegance.

The features of the Nordic house

The true Nordic home is itself a blend of various styles: it has a minimalist Swedish imprint, the romantic allure of Danish design, and the play on black and white contrasts typical of Finnish houses. The result: an environment that combines practicality, aesthetics and the well-being of its inhabitants.


Extendo recaptures and interprets this style in the creation of its products, from the selection of materials to the stages of designing lean, shining furniture lines.

The style proposed by Extendo gathers together the essential characteristics of the Nordic style, represented by:

  • light;
  • the white colour (alongside wood);
  • the materials;
  • clean and simple contours.

Because light is heat!

The Northern European countries teach us a lot about how to use light, and materials that allow you to capture and radiate it within a space.
Extendo has introduced a range of bright colours, reflective and glossy surfaces – like glass or lacquered alluminium – that enhance settings that would need light.


White meets wood…and it’s love!

Light, bright colours, simple and minimal lines…won’t everything be just a little “cold”? Not if it is combined with wood, the quintessential warm material. With a simple juxtaposition of two different souls – like a white bookcase and a wooden Spillo table – the magic is made.


Respect for the environment

A key principle of the true Nordic style is the respect for the environment, a philosophy – and a choice – upheld by Extendo, through the use of recycled raw materials which are in turn recyclable.

Simple contours and shapes

Extendo items are the result of a clear, minimalist design that is free from any excess or extravagance. However, by no means does that imply bare or sterile rooms! Thanks to Extendo furnishing systems, warm, cozy and elegant living and sleeping areas take shape, where practicality and comfort are never lacking.