Designer tables with slim thickness: the reasons for success

Subtle lines and minimal design is a trend to which many interior designers aspire. Yet, unlike what you may think, simplicity is far from easy to achieve. It requires balance and obsessive attention to detail.

Thanks to remarkable craftsmanship, Extendo stands out in delivering extremely slim levels of thickness: from the shelves of the bookcases to the uprights of the wardrobes, to the tops of tables and coffee-tables.

The product which envisages essential design more than any other is without any doubt the SPILLO table. It features a simple and functional elegance, where you can clearly see the impressive width of the flat-top: just three millimetres! Behind these pure, linear and rigorous shapes, hides a truly complex engineering soul: indeed, we are talkling about creating large-sized designs (up to 3 metres!) that are no thicker than a pen, and at the same time absolutely robust and durable.


SPILLO is the sintheses of two inspirations:

1. To design a table with maximum volumetric lightness;

2. To optimize shape and size in order to prevent the waste of materials.

These are two aspects that strongly characterize also other Extendo products as well as the comany’s entire product selection process.

The innovative vision of HPL as manufacturing material

HPL, or high-pressure laminate, is a compound material composed of a series of sheets of paper bonded with thermosetting resins. The panel is obtained by pressing the resin-saturated paper sheets under high pressure and high temperature. This results in the obtainment of a surface which is impermeable, highly resistant to scratching, and soft to the touch.


Excitement…at the Table!

The SPILLO table top is made of 6mm thick HPL, which in the development of the perimeter is reduced to a thickness of only 3mm by milling. The underlying frame is made of powder coated steel and rests on the floor on rubber ends.

Extendo leaves the customer free to “complete the project” by choosing the shape of the table (rectangular – square or round), the size – between as many as 17 models available – and the colour. The monochrome version is in either total-black or total-white; whereas those who prefer two-tone can indulge themselves with all possible combinations between top (linen, rope, chestnut, white, black) and frame (orange, green, blue, white, black).


There’s no need to add objects, ornaments, or other accessories to give character and prominence to the table. It captures your attention and fascinates all on its own.

The colour palette of the top allows the table to fit into the dining-room while flirting with contrasts and harmonies: for instance, you can play on the contrast between black table and white walls or on the similarities with other modern and minimal furniture designs, thereby giving a playful aesthetic thrill to those who enter the room for the first time.


Reduce the supply chain and you will reduce the price!

What enables a designer product such as the SPILLO table to guarantee both high quality and an affordable price?

The secret is the so-called “short supply chain”, i.e. the optimization of production steps. Planning phases, manufacturing phases and commercial phases are followed directly by the company, internally. This is a significant business choice, an indicator that our product is not just a “concept”, but is developed with care from the first to the last step of the production process. This ensures a product free from extra costs and additional expenses, and that is exceptional value for money.


Extendo’s excellent performance in terms of both design and cost is clear, for example, in the SPILLO table 90cm x 200cm on sale at the factory price: only €1,283.00  (including VAT).

This enables Extendo to place itself alongside great Italian design companies – MDF Italia, Kristalia and Desalto, just to name a few – in its research into the design of tables that are as slender as they are resistant, and in offering its own models at a highly competitive price.