Take advantage of the 3D design service! It’s free.

When it comes to purchasing furniture that will furnish your home, it’s often difficult to have in mind a clear and precise idea of what the final outcome will be. And yet it is vital!
Each new piece of furtniture is part of a context, it takes space and has to blend perfectly with the styles and colours of the room.


Extendo knows it well, and this is why it offers you a free 3D design realization service for your own personal composition. What to do? It’s simple: just send us an email where you tell us all your requirements, with the relevant measurements. If you want, you can also take photos of the space to be furnished and attach them, we will make the design even more realistic!


It’s a truly unique service! Our team of interior designers is available to guide you step by step through all phases of the design, from the project implementation to the definition of the final details.