Work Agency Headquarters

Work Agency Headquarters

Milano (MI)



    The steel support of the Balance tables forms the base of a frame system capable of easily adapting to all the geometries of the tops available. The triangular section comes from compressing circular steel tubes. Such compression increases the strenght of the support, giving it an elegant and light silhouette.


    Simple construction and the essence of materials bringing a ‘Sintesi’ extendable table to life. The steel frame allows for lowered sections and maintains  performance up to a length of 300 cm. The top is in HPL and the inner parts are in aluminium, brass and stainless steel, making the table compact for outdoor use.


    The Spillo table offers minimum volume. The HPL top has a visible perimeter edge of just 3 mm. The underneath steel frame has geometries to maximise the strength and sturdiness of the top, allowing lengths up to 300 cm. The frame and the supports, which are made of steel and conical in shape, give an overall maximum volumetric lightness.