32/ XY

Patented system

  • Le coppie di profili verticali con posizione libera, permettono di modulare la distanza tra essi a piacimento.
  • I ripiani hanno libera posizione in altezza.





bronze painted aluminium structure and tie rods, bronze lacquered cabinet frame and HPL smoked oak fronts.


VAT incl

  • The nodes, that support and join couples of vertical profiles and shelves, are made of extruded / die-cast aluminium.
  • The pairs of vertical profiles are made of extruded aluminium with circular section, diameter 15 mm. 180° powder coating finish.
  • Each and every detail of the extruded aluminium shelves has been designed to achieve maximum load resistance with the minimum amount of material.
  • The containers, available in wood species and lacquered, can have HPL or tempered glass fronts with a thickness of just 4 mm. The simplicity of the geometries makes the unit compact and elegant.
  • Measurement reductions available on vertical profiles, shelves and exposed backs.
  • Cable sleeves available on containers.
  • Patented XY system.


The patented XY system enables you to position the shelves along vertical Y-axis and the pairs of load-bearing profiles along horizontal X-axis. Positioning along X and Y is completely free, without any preset positions. This creates a load-bearing framework that can be completed with backs, sides, tilting or leaf doors, drawer units.