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Detail of a door

  • Scocca disponibile laccata Q ed essenza Y37-Y38.
  • Anta disponibile laccata Q, essenza Y e laccata metallo X.





silk aluminium extendo, ecru lacquered glass shelves and black oak HPL cabinets.


VAT incl

  • The extruded aluminium profiles are modular, to adapt to the needs of the spaces. Indeed, configurations are available for ceiling, wall, double-sided and sloping ceiling mounting.
  • The module shelves, with an extremely small thickness 6/10 mm, are made of HPL or tempered glass. In both solutions they are coupled to steel profiles to increase their resistance to loads and improve dimensional stability.
  • The containers, available in wood and lacquered, can have HPL or tempered glass fronts with a thickness of just 4 mm. The simplicity of the geometries makes the unit compact and elegant.
  • The 3 cm thick bi-laminated multi-layer shelves are an ideal solution for a light, load resistant shelf with a reduced length and depth.
  • Measurement reductions available on vertical profiles and shelves.
  • Cable sleeves available on containers.
  • Patented telescopic profile.


The patented extendo system consists of two extendable aluminium profiles that can be adapted to environments of various heights. Using the foldaway lever, the profiles can be blocked at the desired height and compressed between floor and ceiling, without having to use any kind of pre-fixing tool.