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Boiserie panel

  • Pannelli boiserie facilmente removibili.
  • Semplice accesso ai cavi.





bronze painted aluminium profiles and shelves, bronze lacquered cabinet body, smoked oak fronts and boiserie panels.


(led light bars included) VAT incl

  • Each and every detail of the extruded aluminium shelves has been designed to achieve maximum load resistance with the minimum amount of material.
  • The vertical extruded aluminium profiles are modular, to adapt to the spaces. Indeed, they can be wall, floor or ceiling mounted or self-standing.
  • The MDF back panels, available in wood or lacquered, allow partial or total backing of the compositions, decorating the wall and hiding cables and wires.
  • The containers, available in wood and lacquered, can have HPL or tempered glass fronts with a thickness of just 4 mm. The simplicity of the geometries makes the unit compact and elegant.
  • Measurement reductions available on vertical profiles, shelves and panels.
  • Cable sleeves available on panels and containers.
  • LED light bars incorporated in the panels.


A living system with multiple installation possibilities: suspended on the wall, with or without floor support, floor standing, wall mounting and free standing. The vertical profiles allow positioning of containers and shelves to the centimetre. Any panels used can be easily removed to access TV, audio systems and lamp cables.