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Detail of a door

  • Body available lacquered Q and wood Y37-Y38.
  • Door available in lacquered Q, wood Y and metal lacquered X.



290x36x20cm | 145x36x70cm


smoked oak HPL shelves and cabinets, black steel modules and black HPL FENIX® top.


VAT incl

  • The 6 mm thick top is available in many finishes with various side-by-side modules underneath, creating a visually compact composition.
  • The steel modules are made of 10×10 mm full bars, designed for overlapping, side-by-side and wall fixing. 180° powder coating finish.
  • The inside shelves of the steel modules are made of HPL. Available with a range of finishes that reach right to the edges and around the perimeter to make the coupling with the steel module minimal and compact.
  • The containers, available in wood and lacquered, can have HPL or tempered glass fronts with a thickness of just 4 mm. The simplicity of the geometries makes the unit compact and elegant.
  • The multi-layer bases are 2 cm thick and lacquered. The versions with a height of 11 or 30 cm are raised above ground level on a powder coated steel frame. All of the bases include adjustment feet.
  • Cable sleeves available on containers.


Atelier can be configured using modular elements in steel with a minimum 10x10mm cross-section as well as wooden containers with several different types of openings. Both frames and containers can be stacked and placed side by side as desired, either installed onto support bases or wall-mounted. Accessories to be integrated into the HPL or marble frames and tops.