Home Office : how to make your office at home in 5 steps

When the workplace moves from the office to a private house, it is good to follow certain principles in order to make sure it isn’t too “domestic”. So, away with any distractions and furnishings not suited to a work-space.

We have listed five practical tips that you can start with, to help you remodel and arrange your domestic environment.


1. Make It personal

Just as fashion habits and gestures give others an idea of our personality, our home office also reflects our way of life. With just one look others can get a good idea of the kind of person you are.
Although hidden within the safe walls of your home, your work space should never be too flashy, nor too sterile or sad: when you furnish it, try to convey the seriousness and passion that you put into your profession, and then enrich it with small details that represent you. Design pieces help characterize any environment, especially the home office, which is a very delicate space and requires special care.


2. Professional. You are at work, even at home.

What can you see behind you during a conference call? Position the webcam and check. Welcoming guests – collaborators or customers – in a chaotic, dark, untidy or overly intimate environment certainly does not help business. After all, everyone knows you can’t judge a book by its cover, but often that cover gives you a good idea.


3. A comfortable workspace

From the seat to the multi-purpose bookcase, through the work table, choose comfort. Working in a comfortable environment helps you feel better and be more productive, especially when you are immersed in tasks that need to be carried out for many hours in a row. The design is “real” and useful when it manages to combine the concept of Beauty with that of Comfort. (Tip: insert a hi-fi system among the shelves of your workspace, you won’t regret it!)


4. Make it functional: to store everything easily

Furnish your office so that the components can evolve…like your work! A modular bookcase may be an idea: with the increase in material and various documents to store, the bookcase adjusts to meet your space needs, always providing you with new places to insert a door or a drawer. See more about designer modular bookcases.


5. Last must: brightness

You need lots of light, a feature all too often underestimated. Natural light is crucial in ensuring the efficiency of your work and protecting your health. Choose a room that gets plenty of daylight – white light would be the very best: in addition to helping your eyes avoid fatigue, your day will be off to a good start in high spirits.