EXTENDO FLAGSHIP STORE Via Visconti di Modrone, 4 | Milano | OPENING 14th April 2024

Design Eco Friendly
and 100% Made in Italy

The raw materials that constitute our products are derived from a recycling process, and are in turn recyclable. Whether it’s wood, glass, steel or another, the choice of raw materials is part of each and every design since its genesis. Our eco-friendly commitment is a key aspect of Extendo design and it completely shapes the creative process. The importance of carefully following the production and the choice of raw materials to ensure maximum quality is seen as vital and is entrusted to expert artisans. The company, therefore, even selects partner companies and suppliers with this in mind in order to guarantee such attention, not only in their own processes, but throughout the entire production chain.

3 points which characterize
green philosophy:

Recycled and recyclable raw materials

Wood, glass, aluminium and steel: all raw materials used in the creation of the products are derived from a recycling process and are in turn recyclable.


The entire production takes place at virtually “0” km from the headquarters at Trebaseleghe (PD), within a radius of around 10 km. This helps avoid the pollution resulting from the transport of materials and guarantees a product free from extra costs.


The energy used for the production of 90% of our products is derived from renewable self-produced energy.