[Designer Tables] How Extendo interprets Jean Prouvé

For the Extendo design team, Jean Prouvé’s superior ability in kneading steel has always been a source of inspiration. The incredible workmanship in his handling of this material is the unmistakable signature of an artist who understands how to enhance the shapes of his creations in a unique way; and for this reason it is something that Extendo designers have always studied, examined and appreciated closely.


References to the history of design lie in many Extendo products. These are details, touches, inspirations which our designers – experts in artistic design – love to insert. An example being indeed these tributes to the great Prouvé.

The Prouvé design: how and where to recognize it

Let’s take a step back. Who was Prouvé?
Jean Prouvé (1901-1984), French architect and designer, has been described as one of the most innovative minds of the twentieth century. Born in Nancy, France, he is best remembered for the link between aesthetic beauty and industrial design, a much beloved concept to him – and to us – which has deeply revolutionized furniture design.

The legacy of Prouvé’s artistic genius is still very present in the world of design, with leading international brands continuing to draw inspiration from him. Vitra, for example, since 2002, has devoted itself to the revival of numerous designs by the renowned “constructeur”.
In the photo below: “Compass Direction”, J. Prouvé, 1953.


Design details in Extendo tables and coffee tables

Thus, during the Mr. Hyde coffee table design phase we decided to include an homage to the way in which the skillful Prouvè worked with steel, and in particular, to how he handled the last parts of the objects: the legs on many of his creations (bookcases, desks, chairs etc.) indeed end with small disks. You can find such detail in the legs of the tables of the Mr. Hyde collection.



Combining Beauty and Practicality in his design creations was a very important principle to Prouvé, as it is today to Extendo designers, who aspire to create contemporary and refined furniture systems that never relinquish the aspect of functionality.
And that’s not all! The innovation and research effort put into the design of Mr. Hyde coffee tables is also evident in its ultra-thin top, that is just 6mm. If you want to know more read Design tables with slim thickness: the reasons for success.

Here you can find all details and features of Mr. Hyde coffee tables with removable disks.