5 August 2022

Have a great summer!

31 March 2022

We are in press with the catalog 2022

23 December 2021

Merry Christmas from Extendo team

5 August 2021

Summer holidays 2021

27 April 2021

We are working on the new catalog!

22 December 2020

Merry Christmas from extendo

12 November 2020

New SURFACE section

7 August 2020

Summer Holidays 2020

19 June 2020

New pricelist 2020

2 August 2019

Summer holiday

5 July 2019

The set-up of our showroom is completed !

2 May 2018

Extendo Fuorisalone 2018 at Brera Design District

1 March 2016

The Nordic Style: light, wood, elegance and respect for the environment

A quite noticeable trend in recent seasons concerns the Nordic style, widely present in our homes, giving a touch of comfort blended with elegance. Leggi

7 September 2015

Extendo wins the SMAU 2015 “Digital Innovation” Award

Extendo has been selected as winner of the Smau Padova 2015 “Digital Innovation” Award, obtaining the first place in the category “Online business”. Leggi

17 February 2015

[Designer Tables] How Extendo interprets Jean Prouvé

For the Extendo design team, the design history has always been a source of inspiration. An example: the tribute to Jean Prouvé. Leggi

13 February 2015

Home Office : how to make your office at home in 5 steps

When the workplace moves from the office to a private house. Here there are five practical tips that you can start with, to help you remodel and arrange your domestic environment. Leggi

17 December 2014

Actual examples of projects: find your inspiration among these 3D designs

Among the many services we offer, there is one which the Extendo Customer Team is particularly proud of: 3D design. Leggi

26 November 2014

Take advantage of the 3D design service! It’s free.

Discover the 3D Extendo design service! You will see the final result of your project for free. Leggi

23 September 2014

Designer tables with slim thickness: the reasons for success

Thanks to remarkable craftsmanship, Extendo stands out in delivering extremely slim levels of thickness: from the bookcases to the coffee-tables. Leggi

25 August 2014

White furnishing: how to do it right without losing the warmth of your home

Be the material glass or wood, the furnishing trend has long been leaning towards the colour white. Leggi

4 April 2014

Let’s multicolour: or rather, how to navigate among colorful bookcases and find the right solution

Here are three multicolor solutions to furnish your home or office. Leggi