6 December 2021

The secret garden

9 November 2021

B&B in Naples

1 August 2019

Extendo tables for design offices

2 May 2018

Extendo Fuorisalone 2018 at Brera Design District

1 March 2016

The Nordic Style: light, wood, elegance and respect for the environment

A quite noticeable trend in recent seasons concerns the Nordic style, widely present in our homes, giving a touch of comfort blended with elegance. Leggi

17 February 2015

[Designer Tables] How Extendo interprets Jean Prouvé

For the Extendo design team, the design history has always been a source of inspiration. An example: the tribute to Jean Prouvé. Leggi

13 February 2015

Home Office : how to make your office at home in 5 steps

When the workplace moves from the office to a private house. Here there are five practical tips that you can start with, to help you remodel and arrange your domestic environment. Leggi

17 December 2014

Actual examples of projects: find your inspiration among these 3D designs

Among the many services we offer, there is one which the Extendo Customer Team is particularly proud of: 3D design. Leggi

25 August 2014

White furnishing: how to do it right without losing the warmth of your home

Be the material glass or wood, the furnishing trend has long been leaning towards the colour white. Leggi