Il brand

Extendo is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of interior design items: the leading role that Extendo plays today in the interior design sector is the result of the long experience gained in this area by the three founders of the company: Massimo Bianchi, Dario Maniezzo and Francesco Gallo. Extendo was born from their creativity, passion for Italian design and technical know-how.

The designers

The leading role that Extendo now plays in the interior design sector is the fruit of many years of experience accrued in this field by its three founders: Massimo Bianchi, Dario Maniezzo and Francesco Gallo. Extendo was born out of their creativity, their passion for Italian design and their technical know-how honed since the earliest years spent working.

Il team

Innovative furnishing designs coming to life thanks to an in-house design team that develops and refines the creative concept using mechanical design know-how to solve new fixtures or movements, fundamental peculiarities of a flexible product in space and time. The evolution of each project leads to the creation of prototypes which, assembled in the work environment by the R&D team stimulates the refinement process that leads to the end product.

What makes
our products unique

The project team uses state-of-the-art materials and transformation technologies to create the new collections. Passion for the study of materials, forms and functions is the heart of the Extendo products’ design and invention patents. The design of Extendo’s products is a distinctive feature that is common to all our collections. Being able to choose the size, materials and finishes of each product creates harmony between furnishings and interior design. Our warehouses for components and raw materials purchased at the source of the production chains guarantee the quality and competitiveness of the products in the collections.